Photographic Printing

Laid To Rest by Bruce Jackson


hen exploring and creating in Nature, I use many techniques and tools that traditional landscape masters used for decades, and combine them with modern imaging materials. My original images are created with a 4x5 wooden field camera using Fuji Velvia film, and very straight forward technique. My goal is to reproduce as accurately as possible what I see and feel at the time of creation in Nature. In the past when using traditional printing processes for my fine art photographs, this was often easier said than done.

Then in 1998, I was introduced to digital imaging, specifically Fuji Crystal Archive traditional photographic paper exposed with the Lightjet 5000 digital enlarger. I consider myself a purist, yet also a realist. After witnessing prints of my originals generated from this combination of digital technology and traditional photographic paper, I knew I had found my process.

Like traditional fine art printing, the digital process requires a great amount of skill to master. Each step is critical to making a final print that looks like the traditional photographic reproductions people are used to viewing, yet possesses even more brilliance and clarity. The complexity of this process requires that I collaborate with the top digital masters working today.

Each of my fine art photographs is meticulously crafted on Fuji Crystal Archive traditional photographic paper which possesses more than twice the life of Cibachrome (llfochrome) prints. It offers the highest quality reproduction available matched with outstanding image permanence.